Top 10 Travel Tips!

1) Check the weather at your destination the week before departure and be prepared.

2) Pack light!! I know you want to bring the shoes that go with the dress and the sequins…trust me you won’t wear it and you’ll be stuck carrying it!

3) Always pack a comfortable shoe, socks, sweater, umbrella and khaki or black slacks.

4) Make sure to check the expiration date on your passport! It must be valid for 6 months after your travel date. Example if you are traveling May 6, 2008 the expiration date on your passport must be after November, 2008.

5) Make a copy of your passport and important ID documents and keep it with you on your travels. It will be a life saver if you have to replace your documents.

6) Check the local currency and exchange rates to better prepare a spending budget.

7) Always have multiple sources of cash, meaning have a credit card and an ATM card. Make sure you have the pin code for both and inform your banking institution that you will be traveling abroad to avoid them blocking your card.

8) Travelers checks are obsolete most destinations have access to ATM machines where you can draw local currency from your bank at home. And major credit cards are accepted forms of payment all around the world.

9) Try to learn basic greetings in the native language where you are traveling. The effort to bridge the gap goes a long way!

10) Take the trip insurance! Hopefully you won’t need it but it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! Travel is an adventure so have an open mind and spirit. Remember that things sometimes don’t go according to plan but be resourceful…that little blunder could turn out to be the best story of the trip! Most importantly be gracious when you’re visiting other countries, appreciate the differences in culture and be open to new experiences. That’s the reason to go somewhere new isn’t it? Bon Voyage! Gai The Travel Artist